Compliance Audits: Everything you need to know

A compliance audit gives you the assurance that all of your maintenance responsibilities are covered. We review the assets you have within your building to understand your legal requirements and provide an assessment of your current maintenance schedule, reviewing the documentation you have available to provide an evaluation of your compliance. We’ll identify any gaps, develop an action plan and work with you to ensure you have everything covered going forward.

Building owners have a legal responsibility

There’s a legal responsibility for you to ensure that your building is safe and compliant. A compliance audit assesses this to ensure that your legal requirements are being met and that all statutory maintenance tasks are being completed

Compliance can be complex with a number of frequently updated regulations and British standards that you must comply with. A compliance audit gives assurance that your maintenance schedules are up to date ensuring you stay compliant in the future

Avoiding risk and ensuring the safety of building users

The risks of non-compliance can be significant for you and your business. Not being fully compliant could risk the safety of anyone using the building. There could also be financial risk involved due to the possibility of prosecution or increases to insurances. Finally, the reputational risk of not being compliant could be detrimental to you and your business. A compliance audit is a proactive approach to ensure that the risk of non-compliance is minimised

A compliance audit will give you the peace of mind that everything is set up correctly and all of your legally required documentation is in place

stage one: rEQUIREMENTS
We will do a site visit to get an understanding of your buildings and how they operate. We complete this alongside a review of the asset information to establish your compliance requirements.
Having confirmed the obligations, we conduct a thorough review of your maintenance schedules and maintenance activity documentation in order to identify any gaps in evidencing the compliance requirements for the building(s).
The outcome of stage two will generate an audit report to highlight any areas of non-compliance, provide you with a compliance score against the different maintenance elements, an overall score and a prioritised action plan detailing the corrective actions required.


The team at Assure have the experience and knowledge to be able to assess the compliance of your buildings to ensure that we give you both the solution and the awareness in order to ensure that compliance can be maintained going forward. We will work with you to make sure that the strategy for maintenance works for you whilst completing your obligations.

By Senior Consultant, Callum Campbell


Compliance. Safety. Regulations. It’s all someone else’s responsibility, isn’t it? But if you’re a senior executive, board member, or even a trustee, you may have more of a responsibility for ensuring your buildings are safe than you think. Senior Consultant Callum Campbell tackles the subject of compliance.