Building Information

Understanding where you are now is always the first step to moving forwards, and we put building knowledge and understanding at the forefront of our thinking as a core foundation of good property management. 

Holding accurate and concise records of your assets and room data ensures that procurement and delivery of maintenance services are streamlined, while up to date operation manuals and site drawings ensure nothing is left to chance, and in some instances fulfil contractual requirements. 

We understand not all buildings are purpose built but still deliver vital services and space, so gaining an understanding of their suitability and level of utilisation adds another useful layer of information that will help to plan and prioritise for the future. 


Understanding exactly what you have on site can help you make more informed decisions about how to manage your property, allowing you to target your resources exactly where investment is most needed through a more proactive approach. 

Whether you are starting from scratch or have an existing asset register that just needs some TLC, our experts can help you develop your asset data to make sure you have valuable information to hand that’s concise, in one place, and in a user-friendly format. 

Once accurate asset registers are in place you’ll be better equipped to understand and manage your property compliance and risks, while getting better value for money servicing from your supply chain or in-house teams. 

Coupled with a condition assessment, you’ll also have a solid base to develop future lifecycle replacement plans and clear backlog maintenance. 


Depending on the nature of your property, you may have been provided with room data sheets detailing specific room information, including the size and the intended use for the space. 

Data sheets will often include a schedule of the assets that are supposed to reside in the room, as well as detailing floor, wall and ceiling finishes that provide useful information when considering refurbishment or repurpose of rooms. 

Whether you’re reviewing your data sheets or updating them as part of remodelling works the Team here at Assure can help. 


Having up-to-date asset records is a great start, but not all components are the same and there are many nuances between makes and models, so having an up-to-date operation manual for your building is crucial. 

Operation and maintenance manuals, or O&M’s for short, comprise largely of technical specifications and manufacturer’s guidance documents, all of which provide useful detail to inform how to properly care for your building’s assets. 

It is very easy for O&M’s to become quickly out of date, especially in buildings entering their critical lifecycle phase, so having a robust process in place for maintaining your manuals is extremely important. 

Manufacturer’s guidance will also provide you with important information on the warranty of your assets, and any obligations placed on you to maintain the validity of the warranty. 


While drawings and plans are developed around the construction phase, it is less common that they are kept up-to-date as things change. 

Drawings are a great way of establishing a room numbering system to make job reporting easier and more concise, and also provide important technical detail on critical services such as electrical, ventilation, gas lines and water schematics. 

If you’re not sure whether your drawings fully reflect the aspects of your building, our technical experts can provide support in identifying the gaps. 

Plans and drawings will also comprise an important element of your compliance-driven risk assessments including fire, legionella and gas, to name a few, so it is crucial they remain accurate to correctly identify and mitigate risk. 


If you’re operating or managing a PFI or PPP contract, having up-to-date asset registers, room data sheets, operation manuals and site plans and drawings will play a vital role in ensuring you have a smooth conclusion to the contract. It is also likely that you will need to provide at least some or all of the above as part of the handback process. 

Not sure where to start in preparing for Contract Expiry? We can help.  

Talk to one of our team about how we can help with your building information.