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Are your obligations clear and obvious? 

As property owners and lease holders there are many statutory and regulatory requirements that need to be upheld, therefore it is crucial to have a suitable maintenance regime in place that covers all of these compliance requirements and provides adequate records and reporting. 

While these duties can be delegated, it is important to remember this rarely means responsibility is transferred entirely and is therefore important to regularly check and audit whether compliance is being upheld and recorded sufficiently on your behalf. 

A correctly balanced maintenance programme that includes optimum levels of servicing can protect budgets and provide future benefits against lifecycle replacement costs. It is therefore important to have clear instructions and specifications for all works being undertaken in your property. 

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Having a maintenance regime that is robust and fit for purpose is extremely important, whether that be in the level of servicing or the detail in which services are organised and procured. 

In the event of an issue in your building, one of the first places the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will look is your maintenance plan and record keeping. This will include compliance requirements, but also reasonable levels of maintenance expected in line with your risk assessments.  

We see many examples of maintenance schedules falling considerably short of reasonable standards, and failing to prioritise the right things due to a lack of understanding, creating problems further down the line. 

If you get the right maintenance regime in place, you’ll first and foremost stay compliant, but you will also see added benefits in equipment efficiency saving utility costs, as well as improved asset life expectancy prolonging expensive replacement costs. 

Our experienced team understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Yes, your compliance requirements are non-negotiable, but we can help you to develop a maintenance regime that prioritises and maximises your building’s potential while remaining conscious of budgetary constraints. 


Whether you are outsourcing your maintenance services or have an in-house team, having detailed specifications and instructions for all of your maintenance requirements is super important. 

Having a clear written specification for the works being undertaken will provide clear guidance to the company or individual undertaking the work, ensuring the service is carried out in accordance with any regulatory requirements and general industry good practice. 

It is also important to include and establish clear reporting and paperwork requirements to ensure that servicing and maintenance is accurately recorded, and paperwork is provided in the correct format, and with the right amount of detail. You never know when you might need it! 

By incorporating the relevant assets in your specifications as well, you’ll also ensure that nothing gets missed along the way, especially where assets are out around a site or your specification is covering more than one service element. 

If you get your specifications right, your contractor will have full visibility of your expectations and feel confident they’re not going to have any surprises. All in all, you’ll get better value for money from your supply chain and spend less time drowning in administration. 

Here at Assure we have experts from a wide range of disciplines who are available to help support with the development of service specifications, whether a single service or a Total FM package of works. 


It is essential that your buildings are compliant with safety and statutory requirements, but this can be a huge job to stay on top of. 

Compliance can be complex and frustrating, with a wide range of legislation and regulation aimed at property safety and maintenance, whether that’s through risk assessment or service visits. But it is important to identify where it applies in your buildings so you can ensure that your maintenance regime is fit for purpose and your risk assessments have the technical expertise and independence required. 

Responsibility for building compliance and safety spans across many roles and is constantly moving. As building owners, managers and operators you will have a duty to ensure that compliance is front of mind and satisfactorily achieved at all times.  

If you’re concerned your building may not be compliant, or just want that added peace of mind, the team here at Assure have handled compliance for large, small and complex facilities, across health, education, retail and commercial sectors, so we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that whatever’s happening in your world, compliance isn’t one of your worries. 

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